For as long as I can remember I wanted to work in the world of comic books. At DC Comics, specifically — in New York City.

Moving to NY in ’96 was my first step. After a few (unsuccessful) attempts at breaking in over the next couple of years, I decided to take on an 18-month adventure as a comic book store retailer, in a small town 45 minutes out of the city. That was something completely out of left field for me, as I knew nothing about being a small business owner, but I wanted to be in the world of comics somehow….and so I made it work.

But DC was my ultimate goal, and after one final attempt in May of 2000, I was finally accepted in! First as a marketing writer, and then later as an editor in their Collected Editions department. I honestly thought I would be at DC for the rest of my life…

But ten and a half years later, fate intervened. Half the company was moving out West, and my department was being downsized. I was one of the casualties…but since it was starting to become a company I no longer wanted to work for, it turned out to be a blessing.

I had a chance at a new start! A way of reinventing myself before I turned 40.

I had NO fucking idea of what I was going to do next…


[… be completed before the new site goes up….]


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